2-On-2 Basketball Tournament.png


This is a Half-Court Game

Single Elimination Tournament (50% of the teams will only play one game)

2 Players per team (No Subs)

Players must be between 13 and 113 years of age - EVERYONE IS INVITED!

Players must wear appropriate clothing (i.e. loose-fitting shorts, t-shirts, sweaters, etc.)

Teams must have a team name - required at sign-up (the kids in the CEC will determine bracket seeding based on how they rank the team names, using the Scale of Awesomeness)

Teams must have a uniform that physically separates them from the other teams. (Minimal is OK, i.e. matching colors, sweatbands, etc.)

3 minutes between games for warm-up and transition (6 minutes for the Championship Game)

10 minute games

5 minute halves

1 minute half-time break

Each team gets 1 30-second timeout during the game - they may only call timeout when they are on offense.

Games begin with a tip-off at the foul line

OT is sudden-death (Tip-off)

There is a 30 second shot-clock

The game-clock will only stop for timeouts and official timeouts

If a player is fouled while they are shooting the ball their team will receive the ball back.

When a team scores, the opposing team will receive the ball at the top of the court

If a player uses foul language or is purposefully violent, a Technical Foul will be called. (If a team commits a Technical Foul, they will automatically forfeit the game)

Double-Dribble and Traveling both result in a turn-over

The possession arrow on the scoreboard determines which team receives the ball when a jump-ball occurs

There is no 3-secod rule

Points are standard (2s and 3s)