Ekklesia Now! is for all believers regardless of what "mountain" or sphere of career you are in. 

What does the word Ekklesia mean? For that, you really need to get Pastor Greg's sermon CD's in cHOP bookstore.  In short, it means the Legislative Assemblies that setup decrees and policies on behalf of Rome in different cities / regions of the Roman Empire.  For the 1st century Christians, that was the community of Christians in the Marketplace and in homes (they did not have church buildings and they were kicked out of synagogues), with the spiritual authority given to them by Jesus to take territories for the Kingdom of God.

In the 21st century like USA, that would be the Christian presence in the 7 Mountains.  If Christianity can influence these 7 Mountains by creating solutions to problems via heavenly wisdom, serving as counter-culture as we serve with love and humility that demonstrate Christ's life, as well as restoring the redemptive purpose of these mountains to the original identity and purpose that God had ordained them to be, we would be able to reach the unsaved much more effectively.

To support you in accomplishing this, we have monthly luncheon (usually the 2nd Sunday except December) called EkklesiaNow! with anointed speakers who can speak with authority from these mountains, and would give you a chance to receive encouragement, inspiration, as well as the same anointing and breakthrough the speakers had received from God.  This is also a great time to fellowship, connection, and sharing your testimonies with others.

We meet at the Great Room of cHOP from 1:30pm - 3:30pm. 

Catered lunch is provided at $15 per person.